A heart-pounding experience...

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    RYUJIN signature drum and dance

    EISA is a form of folk dance originating from the Okinawa Islands, Japan. The RYUJIN's interpretation of EISA is expressing bravery and displaying the spirits of the Islands. RYUJIN's dynamic EISA performance has earned strong reputation among artists in Japan and worldwide.

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    Lion dance of the Ryukyu Islands

    This lion dance, SHISHIMAI, has been performed as far back as the time oriental culture extended its influence on Ryukyu Kingdom. The dance is performed to pray for happiness and abundant harvests in various villages of Okinawa. The SHISHIMAI dance performed by RYUJIN is reproducing powerfully and vibrantly the movements of a living lion, .

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    The dance of the Ryukyu Islands

    Some refer to RYUKYU BUYO dance as the World's most difficult dance. It takes three years just to master the foot shuffle movement.

    RYUKYU BUYO is essential to Okinawa's life celebrations such as weddings, birth of children, New Years, etc. RYUJIN expresses Okinawan's serene but strong passion through RYUKYU BUYO, sensationally but quietly.

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    Ryukyu Islands, birthplace of Karate

    Derived from the indigenous Ryukyuan martial arts called "te", Karate is believed to be originated in the Ryukyu Islands. RYUJIN members, all black belt holders, perform various kind of ancient martial arts such as "te" and those using weapons such as "nunchaku", "saito", "bo" and "tonfa".

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    Fusion of EISA drums and Japanese drums

    RYUJIN has taken the spirit and the techniques of EISA drums and has combined it with Japanese traditional drums "wadaiko". The result is a vivid and heart pounding drum beat that is felt even after the performance.

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    The songs of the Ryukyu Islands

    Sanshin is a popular three stringed musical instrument from Okinawa. Songs from Okinawa have distinctive melodies, different from those found on mainland Japan. The poems specific to those melodies brought by seafarers and the ancient history of Ryukyu Islands are heart-warming.

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  • Workshop

    Each show is an opportunity for RYUJIN to share and connect with the audience and the community. Workshop sessions are organised after events for everyone to meet RYUJIN and personally experience the powerful beat of EISA drums.

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    Founded in 2001 in Okinawa by Iko Suzuki, RYUJIN is now based in Shizuoka, near Mount Fuji.

    It has expanded its activities widely both in Japan and worldwide.


    RYUJIN has hosted 2,000-guest shows and has represented Japan at the UNESCO International Music Conference.

    It has performed in front of large audience in many countries in Europe, Latin America, Georgia, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa and others.

    Many have requested for them to return.


    In Japan, RYUJIN is performing in various regions, TV shows and taking part to prestigious international events such as the Formula 1 Suzuka Grand Prix.


    Extremely professional but remarkably friendly, RYUJIN is one of the rare group offering EISA workshop around the world.


    RYUJIN is enthusiastic about introducing Japan and Okinawa culture to the world and will travel everywhere to deliver its powerful performance.

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    TRADINGUAL, division of KFSA K.K. is RYUJIN Worldwide Performance Coordinator.